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Ontology: Cardiomyopathies (C0878544)

Definition (MEDLINEPLUS)

Cardiomyopathy is the name for diseases of the heart muscle. These diseases enlarge your heart muscle or make it thicker and more rigid than normal. In rare cases, scar tissue replaces the muscle tissue.

Some people live long, healthy lives with cardiomyopathy. Some people don't even realize they have it. In others, however, it can make the heart less able to pump blood through the body. This can cause serious complications, including

Heart attacks, high blood pressure, infections, and other diseases can all cause cardiomyopathy. Some types of cardiomyopathy run in families. In many people, however, the cause is unknown. Treatment might involve medicines, surgery, other medical procedures, and lifestyle changes.

NIH: National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Definition (NCI_CDISC) A disease of the heart muscle or myocardium proper. Cardiomyopathies may be classified as either primary or secondary, on the basis of etiology, or on the pathophysiology of the lesion: hypertrophic, dilated, or restrictive.
Definition (NCI) A disease of the heart muscle or myocardium proper. Cardiomyopathies may be classified as either primary or secondary, on the basis of etiology, or on the pathophysiology of the lesion: hypertrophic, dilated, or restrictive.
Definition (MSH) A group of diseases in which the dominant feature is the involvement of the CARDIAC MUSCLE itself. Cardiomyopathies are classified according to their predominant pathophysiological features (DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY; HYPERTROPHIC CARDIOMYOPATHY; RESTRICTIVE CARDIOMYOPATHY) or their etiological/pathological factors (CARDIOMYOPATHY, ALCOHOLIC; ENDOCARDIAL FIBROELASTOSIS).
Definition (CSP) condition in which there is a deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of the myocardium, the middle and thickest layer of the heart wall, composed of heart muscle.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D009202
ICD9 425
ICD10 I42 , I42.9, I51.5
SnomedCT 195037005, 266301006, 155351008, 155353006, 85898001, 57809008
LNC LP128708-7, MTHU040649
English Diseases, Myocardial, Myocardial Disease, myocardium disorder, Disease, Myocardial, Cardiomyopathy NOS, Cardiomyopathy, unspecified, MYOCARDIAL DIS, cardiomyopathy, cardiomyopathy (diagnosis), heart muscle disorder, Cardiomyopathies [Disease/Finding], myocardial disease, heart muscle disease, myocardial diseases, cardiomyopathies, Myocardiodystrophy, Cardiomyopathy NOS (disorder), disorder of myocardium, Myocardium--Diseases, CARDIOMYOPATHY, Cardiomyopathy, Myocardiopathy, Disorder of heart muscle, Disorder of myocardium, Myocardial disease, Cardiomyopathy (disorder), Myocardial disease (disorder), myocardiopathy, myocardium; disease, Cardiomyopathy, NOS, Myocardial disease, NOS, Myocardiopathy, NOS, Myocardial Diseases, Myocardiopathies, Cardiomyopathies
Italian Cardiomiopatia, Cardiomiopatia NAS, Miocardiopatie, Miocardiodistrofia, Cardiomiopatie, Malattie del miocardio
Dutch hartspierziekte NAO, myocardiodystrofie, myocard; aandoening, Cardiomyopathie, niet gespecificeerd, cardiomyopathieën, hartspierziekte, Cardiomyopathie, Myocardiopathie, Myocardziekte, Myocardziekten, Ziekte, myocard-, Ziekten, myocard-
French Cardiomyopathie SAI, CARDIOMYOPATHIE, Myocardiodystrophie, Cardiomyopathie, Cardiomyopathies, Myocardiopathies
German Kardiomyopathie NNB, KARDIOMYOPATHIE, Kardiomyopathie, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Mykokardiodystrophie, Kardiomyopathien, Kardiomyopathie, Herzmuskelkrankheiten, Myokardkrankheiten
Portuguese Miocardiopatia NE, Doenças Miocárdicas, CARDIOMIOPATIA, Miocardiodistrofia, Doenças do Miocárdio, Cardiomiopatia, Cardiomiopatias, Miocardiopatias
Spanish Cardiomiopatía NEOM, Enfermedades Miocárdicas, CARDIOMIOPATIA, Miocardiodistrofia, Cardiomyopathy NOS, miocardiopatía, SAI (trastorno), miocardiopatía, SAI, Enfermedades del Miocardio, cardiomiopatía, enfermedad del miocardio, enfermedad miocárdica (trastorno), enfermedad miocárdica, miocardiopatía (trastorno), miocardiopatía, Cardiomiopatía, Cardiomiopatías, Miocardiopatías
Japanese 心筋症NOS, シンキンショウNOS, シンキンショウ, 心筋疾患-原発性, 心筋症, 心筋障害, 続発性心筋疾患, 心筋疾患-続発性, 原発性心筋疾患, 心筋疾患, 心筋ジストロフィー, シンキンジストロフィー
Swedish Kardiomyopatier
Czech kardiomyopatie, myokardiopatie, Kardiomyopatie NOS, Chronická onemocnění myokardu, Kardiomyopatie, Dystrofie myokardu, myokard - onemocnění, nemoci myokardu
Finnish Kardiomyopatiat
Korean 심장근육병증, 상세불명의 심장근육병증
Polish Kardiomiopatie, Miokardiopatie, Choroby mięśnia sercowego wtórne, Choroby mięśnia sercowego, Choroby mięśnia sercowego pierwotne
Hungarian Cardiomyopathia, Cardiomyopathiák, Cardiomyopathia k.m.n., Myocardiodystrophyia
Croatian Kardiomiopatije
Norwegian Kardiomyopatier, Hjertemuskelsykdommer