I. Exam: Patient Alert

  1. Quick Screening (Standardized screening if positive)
    1. Mental Status Consolidated Screening
  2. Standardized Screening
    1. Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS)
      1. http://medschool.slu.edu/agingsuccessfully/pdfsurveys/slumsexam_05.pdf
      2. Excellent, free alternative to the MMSE
    2. Six Item Cognitive Impairment Test (6CIT)
      1. Designed as a Dementia screening tool for primary care
      2. Formulated from a regression analysis of the Blessed Information Memory Concentration (BIMC)
      3. Medical providers are allowed free usage (although copyrighted)
    3. Copland's Short-Test of Mental Status
      1. Free scale with similar accuracy to MMSE
    4. Confusion Assessment Method (CAM)
      1. Assesses for Delirium
    5. Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE)
      1. Differentiates Alzheimer's from other Dementias
      2. Detect early Dementia
    6. Blessed Information Memory Concentration (BIMC)
      1. Tests orientation, memory, concentration, naming
      2. Positive if >10 mistakes (out of 28 possible)
    7. Blessed Orientation Memory Concentration (BOMC)
      1. Shortened version of BIMC (6 questions)
      2. Positive if >10 mistakes
    8. Short Test of Mental Status (STMS)
      1. Tests orientation, attention, recall, and copying
      2. Also tests calculation, abstraction, clock drawing
      3. Positive if score <30 (out of 38 possible points)
    9. Mini-Mental Status Exam (MMSE)
      1. Requires payment for clinical use
  3. Focus areas for examination
    1. Alertness and Orientation
    2. Appearance, Attentiveness (Hallucinations)
    3. Language (speech flow and content)
    4. Memory
    5. Perceptions
    6. Thought processes (coherent or disorganized)

II. Exam: Patient not alert

III. Resources

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Ontology: Mini-mental state examination (C0451306)

Concepts Diagnostic Procedure (T060) , Intellectual Product(T170)
SnomedCT 273617000
English MMSE - Mini-mental state exam, Mini mental state examination, mini-mental state examination, mini mental state examination, MMSE - Mini-mental state examination, Mini-mental state examination, Mini-mental state examination (assessment scale), Mini Mental State Examination
Dutch minionderzoek van psychische toestand
French Mini examen de l'état mental
German Mini-Mental-Status-Test
Italian Esame Mini Mental State
Portuguese Mini exame de estado mental
Spanish Miniexamen del estado mental, examen mental abreviado (escala de evaluación), examen mental abreviado
Japanese ミニメンタルステート検査, ミニメンタルステートケンサ
Czech Minivyšetření duševního stavu
Hungarian Mini mentális állapot vizsgálat (MMSE)