II. Etiology

III. Evaluation

IV. History

  1. Prenatal conditions
  2. Emesis color
  3. Onset of Vomiting
  4. Timing (how long after feeds)
  5. Did infant pass meconium and how long after birth?

V. History: Associated Conditions

VI. History: Red Flags

  1. Weight loss or failure to gain weight
  2. Projectile Emesis in the young infant
    1. Evaluate for Pyloric Stenosis
  3. Bilious Emesis in newborn
    1. Evaluate for malrotation and Volvulus (emergent management needed)

VII. Exam

  1. Attempt passage of oral Gastric Tube (Newborn)
  2. Abdominal distention
  3. Peritoneal signs

VIII. Labs

  1. Complete Blood Count
  2. Electrolytes (e.g. Chem8)
  3. Urinalysis
  4. Blood Culture

IX. Radiology

  1. Chest XRay
  2. Abdominal XRay (flat and upright)

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