II. Indications: Long-term indwelling catheterization

  1. Refractory Bladder outlet obstruction
  2. Neurogenic Bladder with Urinary Retention
  3. Complications of Incontinence
    1. Refractory skin breakdown
    2. Palliative Care for terminally ill
    3. Patient preference

III. Indications: Short-term catheterization

  1. Urologic or pelvic surgery
  2. Acute Urinary Retention (trial voiding at 14 days)
  3. Urinary output monitoring in critically ill

IV. Contraindication: Signs of Urethral Trauma

  1. If Trauma, perform genital and rectal exam first
  2. Blood at meatus
  3. Scrotal hematoma
  4. High riding Prostate

V. Complications: Longterm catheterization

  1. Urinary Tract Infection
    1. See Urinary Catheter associated Urinary Tract Infection
    2. Urosepsis
    3. Bacteriuria
      1. Single intermittent catheterization: 20% of elderly
      2. Bacteriuria occurs in most patients in 2-3 weeks
  2. Chronic renal inflammation
  3. Pyelonephritis
  4. Nephrolithiasis
  5. Cystolithiasis

VI. Management: Alternatives to Indwelling Urinary Catheters

  1. Intermittent catheterization (dysfunctional voiding)
    1. Spinal cord injury
    2. Nursing Home residents
    3. Surgery
      1. Hip Fracture repair
      2. Total abdominal Hysterectomy
  2. External Catheter (Condom catheter)
    1. Incontinent men without obstructive uropathy
    2. More comfortable than indwelling catheters
    3. Lower Incidence of bacteruria
    4. Skin breakdown may occur
  3. Suprapubic Catheterization (short-term post-operative)
    1. Lower infection risk
    2. Improved comfort and convenience
    3. Risks
      1. Cellulitis
      2. Hematoma or leakage at puncture site
      3. Urethral prolapse

VII. Preparations: Catheter Characteristics

  1. Catheter Material
    1. Latex: Long-term catheterization
    2. Silastic: Short-term catheterization or Latex Allergy
  2. Minocycline and Rifampin impregnated catheters
    1. May reduce bacteriuria for up to 2 weeks
    2. Reference
      1. Darouiche (1999) Urology 54:976-81 [PubMed]
  3. Catheter size
    1. Narrowest, softest efective tube
      1. Range: 12F (smallest) to 18F (largest)
      2. Most common: 14F to 16F
    2. Balloon size: 5 ml balloon with 5-10 ml fluid

IX. Management: General

  1. Urinary Catheter Blockage
    1. Maximize patient hydration
    2. Consider Methanamine preparations to prevent blockage
    3. Consider Bladder irrigation
    4. Change catheter before expected time to obstruction
    5. Change catheter if no urine flow in 4 to 8 hours
    6. Evaluate for UTI for more frequent catheter blockage
  2. Urinary Catheter leakage
    1. Do not increase catheter diameter
    2. Evaluate for catheter blockage (above)
    3. Evaluate for Urinary Catheter associated UTI
    4. Consider Bladder Antispasmodic

X. Technique

  1. Pre and post-procedure hand hygiene
  2. Aseptic technique with sterile equipment
  3. Female placement
    1. Place guiding hand against the underside of the symphysis pubis
    2. The Urethral insertion site should be immediately above the guiding hand

XI. References

  1. Cravens (2000) Am Fam Physician 61(2): 369-76 [PubMed]
  2. Walsh (1998) Campbell's Urology, Saunders, p. 159-62

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Ontology: Urethral catheterization (C1455681)

Definition (MSH) Employment or passage of CATHETER through the URETHRA into the URINARY BLADDER
Concepts Therapeutic or Preventive Procedure (T061)
MSH D014546
SnomedCT 176198001, 387632002, 176195003, 150509000, 32975002, 410021007, 410024004
English Catheterizations, Urethral, Urethral Catheterization, Urethral Catheterizations, Ureth catheterisation blad NOS, Ureth catheterization blad NOS, Urethral catheterisation of bladder NOS, Urethral catheterization of bladder NOS, CATH URETHRAL, URETHRAL CATH, urethral catheterization, urethral catheterization (treatment), Urethral catheterization, Urethral catheterization of bladder NOS (procedure), Catheterisation of bladder, Insertion of urethral catheter, Urethral catheterisation, Catheterisation of urinary bladder, Insertion of urethral catheter (procedure), Catheterization, Urethral
Dutch uretrale katheterisatie, urethrakatheterisatie, Katheterisatie, urethrale
French Cathétérisme uréthral, Pose d'un cathéter uréthral, Cathétérismes urétraux, Cathétérisme urétral
German Harnroehrenkatheterisierung, Urethra-Katheterisierung, Urethrakatheterisierung, Harnröhrenkatheterisierung, Katheterisierung, Urethra-
Italian Cateterismo dell'uretra, Cateterismo uretrale
Portuguese Cateterismo da uretra, Cateterismo Uretral
Spanish Cateterización de uretra, Sondaje uretral, Cateterismo Uretral, cateterismo uretral de la vejiga, SAI, cateterismo interno de la vejiga, cateterismo uretral de la vejiga, SAI (procedimiento), colocación de sonda uretral (procedimiento), colocación de sonda uretral
Japanese 尿道カテーテル留置, ニョウドウカテーテルリュウチ
Czech Cévkování
Hungarian Húgycső katéterezés
Norwegian Urethral kateterisering, Kateterisering, urethral, Urinrørkateterisering, Kateterisering, urinrør