I. Indications

II. Technique

  1. Add 1 drop saline to stool
  2. Stains
    1. Wright stain
    2. Methylene blue stains viable cell's nuclei

III. Interpretation

IV. Efficacy: For identifying a Bacterial diarrhea

  1. Similar efficacy to occult blood stool test as a marker of Bacterial diarrhea
  2. Test Sensitivity: 50-80%
  3. Test Specificity: 83%

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Ontology: Leukocyte assessment, fecal, qualitative or semiquantitative (C1144719)

Concepts Laboratory Procedure (T059)
CPT 89055
English LEUKOCYTE ASSESSMENT FECAL, Leukocyte assessment fecal, Leukocyte assessment, fecal, qualitative or semiquantitative, LEUKOCYTE ASSESSMENT, FECAL, QUALITATIVE OR SEMIQUANTITATIVE, WBC ASSMT FECAL QUAL/SEMIQUAN