III. Causes: Vascular

  1. Leaking aneurysm
  2. Mesenteric Ischemia

IV. Causes: Genitourinary

  1. See Acute Pelvic Pain Causes
  2. Ovarian Cyst or torsion
  3. Ureteral Calculus (Nephrolithiasis)
  4. Renal pain
  5. Seminal vesiculitis

V. Causes: Miscellaneous

  1. Psoas abscess
  2. Abdominal wall Hematoma

VI. Evaluation

  1. Diverticulitis suspected (e.g. fever, Diverticuli history, RLQ tenderness, Rectal Bleeding)
    1. Empiric treatment for Diverticulitis
    2. Consider CT Abdomen with oral and IV contrast
  2. Non-Diverticular cause suspected
    1. Evaluate for non-gastrointestinal cause as listed above

VII. Imaging: Preferred

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