II. Approach: Understanding the practice in its environment

  1. Why did this position become available?
  2. Who is the competition?
    1. How many health organizations are in the community?
    2. How many new FPs have started practice in the last
  3. How is this practice perceived in the community
    1. Does the practice have enemies?

III. Approach: Understanding the practice's financial stability

  1. How many managed care contracts does the practice have?
  2. What is the patient insurance mix?
  3. What is the Group's gross collection rate?
    1. What were the group's gross charges last year?
    2. What were the group's collections last year?
  4. What are physician mean gross charges and collections?
  5. What is the operating overhead rate?
  6. How are overdue bills collected?
  7. How often are fee schedules reviewed?
  8. How many new patients are seen per day or per week?
  9. How old is the building and equipment?
    1. How is the equipment financed?
    2. What is the remaining debt on facilities?

IV. Approach: Understanding the practice support

  1. What are the referral patterns?
  2. Are the consultants well liked by patients, providers?
  3. Are the hospitals financially stable?
  4. How are the Emergency Departments staffed?
  5. What resources are in the community to assist patients?

V. Approach: Questions about job satisfaction

  1. How long do physicians stay in this practice?
  2. Why did the last physician leave?
  3. What is the turnover in employees?

VI. Approach: Understanding the practice styles

  1. Physician ages and number of years out of residency?
  2. What outside medical interests involve physicians?
    1. Sporting events
    2. Research
  3. What procedures are performed at the clinic?
    1. Who performs these procedures

VII. Approach: Understanding practice workload

  1. How many patients are seen in a clinic half-day?
  2. What is the call coverage?
    1. Weekdays
    2. Weekends and Holidays
    3. Vacation and CME
  3. What extended hours are required or encouraged?
    1. Extended weekday clinics
    2. Extended weekend clinics
    3. Emergency room coverage

VIII. Approach: Understanding practice efficiency

  1. Medical Record System
    1. Hand-written notes
    2. Dictated notes
    3. Electronic medical record
  2. Scheduling system
  3. Billing and accounting system
  4. What is the staff to physician ratio?
  5. Who makes employee hiring and firing decisions?
  6. Do I have input into nurse selection?

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