II. Precautions: Pitfalls

  1. Consider referred pain (Neuropathy or radiculopathy)
    1. Referred Hip Pain in children (e.g. SCFE, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease)
    2. Lumbar Radiculopathy
    3. Sacroiliitis
  2. Consider malignancy
    1. Osteosarcoma
    2. Chondrosarcoma
    3. Ewing Sarcoma

IV. Causes: Adult Knee Pain by frequency

VIII. Imaging: Xray indications

IX. References

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Ontology: Knee pain (C0231749)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
ICD10 M25.569 , M25.56
SnomedCT 389343009, 156599003, 202488008, 390076006, 30989003, 202474009
English KNEE PAIN, PAIN KNEE, Knee(s) Pain, Arthralgias (knees), Arthralgia (knee), Knee arthralgia, localized knee joint pain, localized knee joint pain (symptom), Knee joint pain (finding), knee joint pain, knee pain, Aching in knees, Knee pain, Pain in knee, Pain knee, Painful knee, KNEE ARTHRALGIA, KNEE PAIN MUSCULOSKELETAL, Pain in unspecified knee, aching knees, knees aching, aching knee, knee arthralgia, Pain;musculoskeletal;knee, Pain;knee, knee pains, painful knee, gonalgia, pain in knee, Gonalgia, Arthralgia of knee, Knee joint pain, Knee pain (finding), knee; joint pain, knee; pain, joint, musculoskeletal knee pain
Dutch pijnlijke knie, gonalgie, pijnlijke knieën, pijn knie, pijn in knie, kniepijn, knie; gewrichtspijn, knie; pijn, gewricht
French Douleur du genou, Endolorissement des genoux, Genou douloureux, Douleur dans le genou, Gonalgie
German schmerzhaftes Knie, Schmerzen in den Knien, Gonalgie, Knieschmerz, Schmerz im Knie, Schmerz Knie
Italian Dolore al ginocchio, Ginocchio dolorante, Gonalgia, Dolore alle ginocchia
Portuguese Dor no joelho, Joelho doloroso, Gonalgia, Moinha nos joelhos
Spanish Dolor en rodilla, Gonalgia, Dolor de rodilla, Rodillas doloridas, Rodilla dolorosas, Knee pain, Knee joint pain, dolor de rodillas, gonalgia (hallazgo), gonalgia
Japanese 膝痛, 膝関節痛, シツツウ, ヒザカンセツツウ, シッツウ, シツカンセツツウ, ヒザツウ
Czech Bolest kolene, Pobolívání v kolenou, Bolestivé koleno, Bolest v koleni, Gonalgie
Hungarian Fájdalom a térdben, Gonalgia, Fájdalmas térd, Fájás a térdekben, Térdfájdalom