II. Pathophysiology

  1. Associated with chronic Marijuana use
  2. Related to cerebral fat deposition of lipophilic Marijuana metabolites

III. Diagnosis

  1. Essential criteria
    1. Chronic Marijuana use
  2. Major criteria
    1. Severe cyclical Nausea or Vomiting
    2. Abdominal Pain
    3. Weekly Marijuana use
    4. Resolves with Marijuana cessation
    5. Hot showers or baths help to relieve Nausea
  3. Supportive criteria
    1. Age under 50 years
    2. Weight loss over 5 kg
    3. Symptoms predominant in morning
    4. Normal bowel habits
    5. Negative diagnostic evaluation

IV. Management

  1. Marijuana cessation
  2. Symptomatic relief with hot showers or bath

V. References

  1. Oxentenko (2011) Mayo Internal Medicine Review

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