I. Indication

  1. Acute Knee Injury evaluation

II. Preparation

  1. Examiner holds patient's outstretched hands
  2. Patient stands fully weight bearing on the affected leg
    1. Opposite leg is flexed at the knee to 90 degrees so it remains off the floor for the test
  3. Position the affected leg
    1. Foot of the affected leg is kept flat on the floor
    2. Knee of the affected leg is flexed to 20 degrees

III. Maneuver

  1. Patient internally and externally rotates 3 times with the affected knee flexed at 20 degrees
  2. Images
    1. orthoKneeThesaly.jpg

IV. Interpretation

  1. Pain on maneuver suggests a meniscal tear

V. Efficacy

  1. More accurate than the McMurray Test
  2. Probability of injury if positive: 81% (Positive Likelihood Ratio 39.3)
  3. Probability of injury if negative: 1% (Negative Likelihood Ratio 0.09)

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