II. Prevention

  1. See Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercises
  2. Evaluate and Manage comorbidity
    1. Cardiovascular disease is a top cause of mortality in COPD patients
  3. Immunizations
    1. Annual Influenza Vaccine
      1. Wongsurakiat (2004) Chest 125:2011-20 [PubMed]
    2. Pneumococcal Vaccine (consider every 5-10 years)
  4. Tobacco Cessation
    1. Coughing stops in 77% of those quitting smoking
    2. Cough improves in 17%
    3. Cough may stop within 4 weeks of quitting (54%)
    4. Quitting decreases all cause mortality >15 years
    5. Quitting smoking alters the decline in lung function
  5. Body habitus
    1. Overweight "Blue boater": Attempt weight loss
    2. Thin "Pink Puffer": Nutritional Supplementation
  6. Prevent hospital admissions
    1. See GOLD Criteria and stepped approach below
    2. See COPD Action Plan

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