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Ketamine Abuse

Aka: Ketamine Abuse
  1. See Also
    1. Ketamine
    2. Methoxetamine
  2. Background: Illicit Use
    1. Club Drug
    2. Date Rape Drug used for Sedation
    3. Routes
      1. Smoked as powder with Tobacco or Marijuana
      2. Inhaled intranasally
      3. Injected
      4. Ingested
    4. Illicit use is often in combination with other agents
      1. Methamphetamine
      2. Cocaine
      3. Sildenafil
      4. Heroin
    5. Street Names when used illicitly
      1. Special K
      2. Super K
      3. Kit-Kat
      4. Keets
      5. Super acid
      6. Jet
      7. Cat Valiums
      8. Vitamin K
  3. Symptoms
    1. See Ketamine
    2. Euphoria
    3. Dissociation
    4. Hallucinations
    5. Palpitations
  4. Signs
    1. See Ketamine
    2. Mydriasis
    3. Nystagmus
    4. Respiratory depression
    5. Laryngospasm
    6. Hypersalivation
    7. Emergence reaction (may present as Agitated Delirium)
    8. Atypical, Seizure-like movements
    9. Variable effect on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  5. Toxicology: Detection of illicit use
    1. Specific tests to detect Ketamine usually not available
    2. Ketamine may cause positive PCP on Urine Tox Screen
  6. References
    1. Fontes (2014) Crit Dec Emerg Med 28(1): 14-24

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