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Oxalate Content in Food

Aka: Oxalate Content in Food, Oxalate Containing Food, Oxalate Elimination, Low-Oxalate Diet, Low Oxalate Diet
  1. Indications for Oxalate Restriction
    1. Nephrolithiasis (Calcium Oxalate Stones)
    2. Cyclic Vulvovaginitis
  2. High Oxalate Containing Foods
    1. Beets and beet tops
    2. Black tea
    3. Chenopodium
    4. Chocolate
    5. Cocoa
    6. Dried figs
    7. Ground pepper
    8. Lambs quarters
    9. Lime peel
    10. Nuts
    11. Parsley
    12. Poppy seeds
    13. Purslane
    14. Rhubarb
    15. Sorrel
    16. Spinach
    17. Swiss chard
  3. Moderate Oxalate Containing Foods
    1. Green beans
    2. Wax beans
    3. Blackberries
    4. Blueberries
    5. Carrots
    6. Celery
    7. Coffee (roasted)
    8. Concord grapes
    9. Red currants
    10. Dandelion greens
    11. Endive
    12. Gooseberries
    13. Lemon peel
    14. Okra
    15. Green onions
    16. Oranges and orange peel
    17. Green peppers
    18. Black raspberries
    19. Strawberries
    20. Sweet potatoes
  4. References
    1. Mobley (Feb 1999) Hospital Medicine, p. 21-38

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