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  • Pediatric Books

Pediatric Books

Aka: Pediatric Books, Pediatric Resources
  1. See Also
    1. Pediatric Links
    2. ADHD Resources
  2. Resources: Primary Care Library Recommendations
    1. Kliegman (2015) Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, Saunders
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1455775665)
    2. Zitelli (2012) Atlas of Pediatric Physical, Mosby
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0323079326)
    3. Schmitt (2012), Pediatric Telephone Protocols: Office Version, Little Brown
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1581107420)
    4. Rudolph (2011) Rudolphs Pediatrics, Appleton-Lange
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0071497234)
  3. Resources: Lab Coat Resource Recommendations
    1. Engorn (2014), Harriet Lane Handbook, Mosby
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0323096441)
  4. Resources: Patient Library Recommendations
    1. Barkley (2013) Your Defiant Child, Guilford Press
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1462510078)
    2. Brazelton and Sparrow (2006) Touchponts, Addison-Wesley
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0738210498)
    3. Ferber (2006) Solve your child's sleep problems
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0743201639)
    4. Leach (2010) Your Baby and Child (to Age 5), Knopf
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0375712038)
    5. (2009) AAP Birth to age 5, Bantam
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0553386301)
    6. Wyckoff (2002) Discipline without shouting or Spanking
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0743228545)
    7. Bender (1996) Keep your Kids from Driving You Crazy
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0471130125)

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