Pediatrics Book

Maintenance Fluid Requirements in Children

Aka: Maintenance Fluid Requirements in Children, Pediatric Maintenance Fluid Requirements, Holliday-Segar Formula
  1. Indications
    1. Pediatric Dehydration
  2. Calculation (based on body weight in kilograms)
    1. First 10 kg: 4 cc/kg/hour (100 cc/kg/24 hours)
    2. Second 10 kg: 2 cc/kg/hour (50 cc/kg/24 hours)
    3. Remainder: 1 cc/kg/hour (20 cc/kg/24 hours)
  3. Example: 35 Kilogram Child
    1. Hourly: 40 cc/h + 20 cc/h + 15 cc/h = 75 cc/hour
    2. Daily: 1000 cc + 500 cc + 300 cc = 1800 cc/day

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