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Dementia Resources

Aka: Dementia Resources, Alzheimer's Disease Resources
  1. See Also
    1. Neurology Links
    2. Dementia
    3. Dementia Management
  2. Resources: Groups
    1. Alzheimer's Association Support Group
  3. Resources: Books and Resources for patients and their families
    1. Mace and Rabins (1991) Thirty six Hour Day
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0446610410)
    2. Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1893005410)
    3. The Forgetting: A portrait of Alzheimer's Disease
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0385498381)
  4. Resources: Web Sites
    1. Alzheimer's Association
      2. Phone: 800-272-3900
    2. NIA Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Website
      2. Phone: 800-438-4380
    3. Family Caregiver Alliance
      2. Phone: 800-445-8106
      3. Phone: 415-434-3388
    4. Administration on Aging
      2. Phone: 202-619-7501
      3. Phone: 800-677-1116 (Eldercare)

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