Practice Management Book

References and Selected Reading

  • General Medical Books

General Medical Books

Aka: General Medical Books, General Medical Resources
  1. See Also
    1. General Medical Links
  2. Resources: Primary Care Library Recommendations
    1. Pfenninger and Fowler (2010) Procedures, Mosby
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0323052673)
    2. Moore (2010) Griffith's Instructions for Patients
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1437709095)
    3. Goroll (2014) Primary Care Medicine, Lippincott
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1451151497)
  3. Resources: Lab Coat Resource Recommendations
    1. Godara (2013) Washington Manual, Lippincott
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 145118851X)
  4. Resources: Medical Student Library Recommendations
    1. Kasper (2015) Harrison's Internal Medicine
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0071802150)
    2. Goldman (2015) Goldman-Cecil Medicine
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1455750174)
    3. Netter (2014) Atlas Human Anatomy, Novartis Medical
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1455704180)
    4. Bickley (2012) Bates Physical Exam, Lippincott
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1609137620)
    5. LeBlond (2008) DeGowin's Diagnostic Examination, McGraw-Hill
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0071478981)
  5. Resources: Light Reading Recommendations
    1. Gordon (1997) Alarming History of Medicine, St Martin
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0312167636)
    2. Thomas (1995) Lives of a Cell, Penguin USA
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0140047433)
    3. McPhee (1986) Heirs of General Practice, Noonday
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 0374519749)
    4. Hilfiker (1998) Healing the Wounds, Creighton Univ Pr
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1881871231)
  6. Resources: Continuing Medical Education Recommendations
    1. Tallia (2012) Swanson's Family Practice Review, Mosby
      1. Paid link to (ISBN 1455707902)

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