II. Associated Conditions: Invasive Cervical Cancer (AIDS defining disease)

  1. Progressive Immunodeficiency enhances HPV replication
    1. HPV infection is very common in HIV
    2. HPV Implicated in Cervical Cancer and anal carcinoma
  2. Monitor high risk patient with Pap Smear every 6 months
    1. Women with Cervical Dysplasia
    2. CD4 Cell Count <200

III. Associated Conditions: Infectious Vaginitis

  1. Vulvovaginal Candidiasis
    1. Occurs in 20-30% HIV infected women if CD4 Count >500
    2. Recurrent Candidiasis in young women suggests HIV
  2. Trichomonas
    1. Extremely prevalent
    2. Unrelated to CD4 Counts
    3. May be refractory to Metronidazole

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