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Male Genital Exam


  1. See Also
    1. Testicular Self-Exam
  2. Penis
    1. Inspect for ulcers
    2. Observe for urethral discharge
    3. Palpate for Plaques or induration
  3. Testes
    1. Palpate for masses
    2. Transilluminate scrotum
      1. Solid tumor will not transmit light
      2. Hydrocele will glow a soft red color
    3. Palpate size and symmetry: Small, atrophic Testicle
      1. Testicle <3.5 cm long is considered small
      2. Causes: Chronic testicular lesions
        1. Orchitis (e.g. Mumps)
        2. Testicular Torsion
    4. Palpate for Undescended Testicle
      1. Transient testicular retraction
      2. Cryptorchidism
    5. Check Cremasteric Reflex
      1. Lightly stroke medial thigh
      2. Ipsilateral Testicle rises transiently
  4. Epididymis, Spermatic cord and Vas deferens
    1. Palpate Epididymis (posterior to Testicle)
    2. Palpate for Varicocele (engorged testicular veins)
      1. Patient performs Valsalva while standing
  5. Inguinal Canal Exam
    1. See Inguinal Canal Exam

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