II. Approach: Inverted Nipples

  1. Identify problem well before delivery
  2. Recommend nipple shells to help evert nipples

III. Approach: Sore Nipples

IV. Approach: Breast engorgement

  1. Hand expression or pumping
  2. Mild heat softens areola
  3. Frozen cabbage leaves held inside bra

V. Approach: Milk Duct Stasis

  1. Rest, heat, and massage
  2. Alternate feeding positions
  3. Frequent nursing

VI. Approach: Inhibited Milk let down

  1. Warm shower
  2. Privacy for Lactation
  3. Comfortable environment
    1. Private
    2. Soft music
    3. Low light intensity
  4. Local heat to Breast
  5. Relaxation Techniques

VII. Approach: Medications

VIII. Approach: Work-Related Lactation problems

  1. Educate regarding various Breast Pumps and devices
  2. Support and encourage using Breast Pump at work

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