I. Presentation: Breech (Head is not presenting part)

  1. Occurs in 25% of pregnancies at 30 weeks
  2. Abnormal after 32 weeks
  3. See Fetal Malpresentation

II. Presentation: Cephalic (Head is presenting part)

  1. Normal Presentation: Vertex
    1. Normal Attitude: Fetus is in full flexion
    2. Every fetal joint is flexed
    3. Smallest fetal head diameter: Suboccipitobregmatic
  2. Abnormal presentations: Extended Attitude
    1. General
      1. Abnormal Attitude: Fetal head is extended
      2. Results in largest head diameter: Occipitomental
      3. Increases diameter 3 cm (24%) over flexed head
      4. May results in Failure to Progress
    2. Face Presentation
    3. Brow Presentation
    4. Shoulder Presentation
  3. Abnormal Presentation: Asynclitism
    1. Definition
      1. Lateral flexion of head
      2. Sagittal Suture not in midline of vaginal canal
    2. Interpretation
      1. Mild Asynclitism is normal
      2. Extreme Asynclitism interferes with delivery
        1. May result in Failure to Progress
        2. Interferes with forceps application

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Ontology: Fetal Presentation (C0022869)

Definition (MSH) The position or orientation of the FETUS at near term or during OBSTETRIC LABOR, determined by its relation to the SPINE of the mother and the birth canal. The normal position is a vertical, cephalic presentation with the fetal vertex flexed on the NECK.
Concepts Clinical Attribute (T201)
MSH D007746
SnomedCT 271692001, 130957006
English Labor Presentation, Presentation, Fetal, Presentation, Labor, FETAL PRESENTATIONS, Fetal presentation, NOS, Foetal presentation, NOS, 87 FETAL PRESENTATIONS, Fetal Presentation, fetal presentations, fetal presentation, labor presentation, Presentation of fetus, Presentation of fetus (observable entity), Fetal presentation (function), Fetal presentation, function (observable entity), Fetal presentation, Fetal presentation (observable entity)
Swedish Fosterbjudning
Spanish presentación fetal, presentación fetal (entidad observable), presentación del feto (entidad observable), presentación del feto (función), presentación del feto, Presentacion en Trabajo de Parto, Presentacion Fetal, Presentación Fetal, Presentación en Trabajo de Parto
Czech porod - naléhání plodu, porod - poloha plodu
Finnish Sikiön tarjonta
French Présentation du foetus, Présentation foetale, Présentation obstétricale
Italian Presentazione fetale, Presentazione del parto
Polish Położenie porodowe płodu, Ułożenie porodowe
Japanese 胎位, 分娩胎位, 胎児胎位
German Geburtslage, Kindslage, Lage, Kinds-
Dutch Geboorteligging, Ligging, geboorte-
Portuguese Apresentação Fetal, Apresentação no Trabalho de Parto

Ontology: Asynclitism (C0233304)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 14058000
English Parietal presentation, Asynclitism, Asynclitism (finding)
Spanish asinclitismo (hallazgo), asinclitismo, presentación parietal (hallazgo), presentación parietal