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Cranial Nerve 10

Aka: Cranial Nerve 10, Cranial Nerve X, Vagus Nerve, CN 10
  1. Physiology
    1. Most extensive innervation of any Cranial Nerve
    2. Neck, thorax, abdomen innervation
      1. Motor, sensory and autonomic
  2. Course
    1. Jugular Fossa Branches
      1. Pharyngeal Nerve
      2. Superior Laryngeal Nerve
      3. Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
      4. Superior Cardiac Nerve
    2. Thoracic Branches
      1. Inferior Cardiac Nerve
      2. Anterior Bronchial Nerve
      3. Posterior Bronchial Nerve
      4. Esophageal Nerve
    3. Abdominal Branches
      1. Gastric Nerve
      2. Celiac Nerve
      3. Hepatic Nerve
  3. Exam
    1. Pharynx
      1. Normal: Uvula rises to phonation (Patient says "Ah")
      2. Paralysis: Uvula deviates toward the strong side
    2. Larynx
      1. Laryngeal contours rise with swallowing
      2. Vocal Cord Paralysis
        1. Unilateral: Hoarseness
        2. Bilateral: Dyspnea or inspiratory Stridor
      3. Indirect Laryngoscopy if indicated

Vagus nerve structure (C0042276)

Definition (MSH) The 10th cranial nerve. The vagus is a mixed nerve which contains somatic afferents (from skin in back of the ear and the external auditory meatus), visceral afferents (from the pharynx, larynx, thorax, and abdomen), parasympathetic efferents (to the thorax and abdomen), and efferents to striated muscle (of the larynx and pharynx).
Definition (CSP) tenth cranial nerve; a mixed nerve which contains somatic and visceral afferents, parasympathetic efferents, and efferents to striated muscle.
Concepts Body Part, Organ, or Organ Component (T023)
MSH D014630
English Cranial Nerve X, Pneumogastric Nerve, Pneumogastric Nerves, Tenth Cranial Nerve, Tenth Cranial Nerves, Vagus, Vagus Nerve, Vagus nerve structure, Vagus nerve tree, Vagus Nerves
Spanish decimo nervio craneal, decimo par craneal, decimo par craneano, estructura del nervio vago, nervio craneal X, nervio neumogastrico, nervio vago, X par craneal
Parent Concepts Cranial Nerves (C0010268), Parasympathetic Nervous System (C0030510), Autonomic Pathways (C0206251), Peripheral Nervous System (C0206417), root (of UWDA hierarchy) (C0391807)
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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