II. Physiology

  1. Choroid Plexus: Formation of CSF
    1. Tufts of capillaries in Lateral Ventricles
    2. Produces CSF at 20 ml/hour
  2. Pathway
    1. Produced in both Lateral Ventricles
    2. Each ventricle drains into a foramina of Monro
    3. Both foramina drain into a single Third Ventricle
    4. CSF flows into aqueduct of Sylvius
    5. Enters Fourth Ventricle in posterior fossa
    6. Seeps into subarachnoid space via 3 small holes
    7. CSF in subarachnoid space cushions brain and spine
    8. CSF reabsorbed by arachnoid granules (top of brain)
    9. CSF empties into superior sagital sinus (venous)
  3. CSF Volume
    1. Total CSF in circulation: 140 ml
    2. Distribution
      1. Ventricles: 25 ml
      2. Subarachnoid space: 115 ml

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Ontology: Cerebrospinal Fluid (C0007806)

Definition (FMA) Transudate contained in the subarachnoid space.
Definition (NCI) The fluid that is contained within the brain ventricles, the subarachnoid space and the central canal of the spinal cord. (NCI)
Definition (NCI) The fluid that flows in and around the hollow spaces of the brain and spinal cord, and between two of the meninges (the thin layers of tissue that cover and protect the brain and spinal cord). CSF is made by tissue called the choroid plexus in the ventricles (hollow spaces) in the brain.
Definition (UWDA) Transudate contained in the subarachnoid space.
Definition (NCI) The fluid that is contained within the brain ventricles, the subarachnoid space and the central canal of the spinal cord.
Definition (CSP) clear colorless liquid secreted by the choroid plexus of the lateral, third, and fourth ventricles, and contained within the ventricular system of the brain and spinal cord and within the subarachnoid space.
Concepts Body Substance (T031)
MSH D002555
SnomedCT 23889009, 65216001
English CSF, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Cerebrospinal Fluids, Fluid, Cerebrospinal, Fluids, Cerebrospinal, Cerebrospinal fluid, NOS, Spinal Fluid, CEREBROSPINAL FLUID, cerebrospinal fluid, Cerebral spinal fluid, Spinal fluid (substance), Spinal fluid, spinal fluid, A10 CEREBROSPINAL FLUID, Liquor cerebrospinalis, Cerebral Spinal Fluid, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), Cerebrospinal fluid, CSF - Cerebrospinal fluid, Cerebrospinal fluid (substance)
French Liquide céphalorachidien, Liquide cérébro-spinal, Liquide céphalo-rachidien, Liquide cérébrospinal, LCS (Liquide CérébroSpinal), LCR (Liquide CéphaloRachidien)
Swedish Cerebrospinalvätska
Czech mozkomíšní mok, cerebrospinální likvor
Portuguese Líquido Cérebro-Espinal, Líquido Céfalo-Raquidiano, Líquido Cefalorraquiano, Líquido Cefalorraquidiano, Líquido Cérebro-Espinhal, Líquido Cerebrospinal, Liquor
Spanish líquido raquídeo, líquido raquídeo (sustancia), LCR - líquido cefalorraquídeo, LCR, líquido cefalorraquídeo (sustancia), líquido cefalorraquídeo, Líquido Cefalorraquídeo, Liquido Cefalorraquideo
Finnish Aivo-selkäydinneste
Latvian Smadzeņu, muguras, šķidrums, Muguras smadzeņu šķidrums
Polish Płyn mózgowo-rdzeniowy
German Liquor cerebrospinalis, Zerebrospinalflüssigkeit
Italian Liquor cefalorachidiano
Dutch Cerebrospinale vloeistof, Liquor cerebrospinalis, Vloeistof, cerebrospinale

Ontology: Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality (C0151583)

Concepts Finding (T033)
ICD9 792.0
ICD10 R83 , R83.9
SnomedCT 207335007, 158579002
English CEREBROSPINAL FLUID ABNORMAL, Nonspecific abnormal findings in cerebrospinal fluid, CSF ABNORMAL, Abnormal findings in cerebrospinal fluid, unspecified abnormal finding, Cerebrospinal fluid abnorm., Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality, [D]Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality (context-dependent category), [D]Cerebrospinal fluid abnorm., [D]Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality, SPINAL FLUID ABNORM, Spinal fluid abnorm, [D]Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality (situation), Cerebrospinal fluid abnormal, CSF abnormal, CSF abnormal NOS, CSF abnormality NOS, Abn fnd-cerebrospinal fl, Abnormal findings in cerebrospinal fluid, abnormalities csf, cerebrospinal fluid abnormality, abnormal csf, cerebrospinal; abnormal fluid, cerebrospinal; fluid abnormal, fluid; abnormal, cerebrospinal, abnormal; fluid, cerebrospinal, abnormality; fluid, cerebrospinal, Cerebrospinal fluid abnormal NOS, Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality NOS
Dutch CSV abnormaal, niet-specifieke abnormale bevindingen in cerebrospinaal vocht, CSV abnormaliteit NAO, cerebrospinaal vocht abnormaal, cerebrospinaal vocht abnormaal NAO, ruggenmerg vocht abnormaal, abnormaal; vloeistof, cerebrospinaal, afwijking; vloeistof, cerebrospinaal, cerebrospinaal; afwijking vloeistof, cerebrospinaal; vloeistof afwijkend, vloeistof; afwijkend, cerebrospinaal, Afwijkende bevindingen in cerebrospinale vloeistof; Niet gespecificeerde afwijkende bevinding, Afwijkende bevindingen in cerebrospinale vloeistof
French LCR anormal SAI, Résultats anormaux non spécifiques de l'examen du liquide céphalo-rachidien, Anomalie du LCR SAI, Liquide céphalo-rachidien anormal, LCR anormal, Liquide rachidien anormal, ANOMALIE DU LCR
German Liquoranomalie NNB, unspezifische anomale Befunde im Liquor, Liquor anomal, Liquor anomal NNB, Abnorme Liquorbefunde: Nicht naeher bezeichneter abnormer Befund, Abnorme Liquorbefunde, LIQUOR PATHOLOGISCH VERAENDERT
Italian Liquido cerebrospinale anormale non specificato, Liquido cerebrospinale anormale, Alterazione del liquido cerebrospinale NAS, Reperti anormali non specifici nel liquido cerebrospinale, Liquido spinale anormale
Portuguese LCR anormal, LCR anormal NE, Anomalia do LSR NE, Líquido cefalorraquidiano anormal, Dados anormais inespecíficos do LCR, ALTERACOES DO LIQUOR
Spanish Líquido cefalorraquídeo anormal, LCR anormal, LCR anormal NEOM, Anormalidad del LCR NEOM, Hallazgos anormales no específicos en el líquido cefalorraquídeo, [D]anomalía del líquido cefalorraquídeo (categoría dependiente del contexto), Líquido raquídeo anormal, [D]Cerebrospinal fluid abnormality, LCR ALTERADO, [D]anomalía del líquido cefalorraquídeo (situación), [D]anomalía del líquido cefalorraquídeo
Japanese 髄液異常, 髄液の非特異的異常所見, CSF異常NOS, CSF異常, ズイエキノヒトクイテキイジョウショケン, 脊髄液異常, CSFイジョウNOS, CSFイジョウ, ズイエキイジョウ, セキズイエキイジョウ
Czech Nespecifické abnormální nálezy v mozkomíšním moku, Mozkomíšní mok abnormální, Abnormalita CSF NOS, Abnormální míšní mok, CSF abnormální, CSF abnormální NOS
Korean 뇌척수액의 이상 소견
Hungarian Liquor kóros, Liquor kóros k.m.n., Gerincfolyadék kóros, Liquor-rendellenesség k.m.n., Nem specifikus kóros liquor leletek