II. Pathophysiology

  1. Contralateral extremity weakness or sensory deficit
  2. Ipsilateral Cranial Nerves may be affected (facial weakness or sensory deficit on the same side of the CVA)
    1. Crossed findings may also occur with Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery CVA (Wallenberg Syndrome) affecting the lateral Medulla

III. Findings: Signs and Symptoms

  1. Dysarthria
  2. Dysphagia
  3. Nausea
  4. Cognitive Changes
    1. Memory loss
    2. Disorientation
  5. Vestibular changes
    1. Vertigo
    2. Ataxic gait
  6. Visual changes
    1. Double Vision
    2. Homonymous hemianopia
    3. Nystagmus
    4. Conjugate gaze paralysis
    5. Ophthalmoplegia
  7. Hearing Changes
    1. Tinnitus
    2. Hearing Loss
  8. Akinetic mutism
    1. Locked-in-syndrome (Basilar Artery)
  9. Motor or sensory deficits
    1. Numbness of Tongue
    2. Facial weakness
    3. Alternating motor paresis
  10. Drop attacks or Syncope

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Ontology: Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency (C0042568)

Definition (MSH) Localized or diffuse reduction in blood flow through the vertebrobasilar arterial system, which supplies the BRAIN STEM; CEREBELLUM; OCCIPITAL LOBE; medial TEMPORAL LOBE; and THALAMUS. Characteristic clinical features include SYNCOPE; lightheadedness; visual disturbances; and VERTIGO. BRAIN STEM INFARCTIONS or other BRAIN INFARCTION may be associated.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D014715
ICD9 435.3
ICD10 G45.0
SnomedCT 394517009, 64009001, 195199008, 155404005, 195196001, 266314007
English Insufficiencies, Vertebrobasilar, Insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar, Vertebrobasilar Insufficiencies, Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency, VERTEBRAL BASILAR INSUFFICIENCY, VERTEBRAL BASILAR ARTERY INSUFFICIENCY, Vertebro-basilar artery syndrome, vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency (diagnosis), vertebrobasilar artery insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (disorder), vertebrobasilar arterial insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar artery syndrom, VERTEBROBASILAR INSUFFICIENCY, Insufficiencies, Vertebro-Basilar, Insufficiency, Vertebro-Basilar, Vertebro Basilar Insufficiency, Vertebro-Basilar Insufficiencies, Vertebro-Basilar Insufficiency, Ischemia, Vertebro-Basilar, Vertebro Basilar Ischemia, Vertebro-Basilar Ischemia, Ischemias, Vertebro-Basilar, Vertebro-Basilar Ischemias, Ischemia, Vertebrobasilar, Vertebrobasilar Ischemia, Ischemias, Vertebrobasilar, Vertebrobasilar Ischemias, Vertbrobaslr artery synd, Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency [Disease/Finding], vertebro-basilar artery syndrome, vertebro-basilar insufficiency, vertebral basilar insufficiency, vertebro basilar insufficiency, basilar vertebral insufficiency, vertebrobasilar artery syndrome, vertebrobasilar ischemia, Vertebrobasilar insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar artery syndrome, Vertebrobasilar arterial insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar artery syndrome (disorder), a.vertebro-basilaris; syndrome, syndrome; vertebro-basilar artery, Vertebro basilar insufficiency, Vertebro-basilar insufficiency, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, Insufficiency;vertebrobasilar
Dutch vertebrobasilair arterieel syndroom, a.vertebro-basilaris; syndroom, syndroom; arteria vertebro-basilaris, Vertebrobasilarissyndroom, vertebrobasilaire insufficiëntie, Insufficiëntie, vertebrobasilaire, Vertebrobasilaire insufficiëntie
French Syndrome vertébro-basilaire, Insuffisance vertébrobasilaire, Insuffisance vertébro-basilaire, Ischémie vertébro-basilaire, Ischémie vertébrobasilaire
Italian Sindrome dell'arteria vertebrobasilare, Ischemia vertebro-basilare, Ischemia vertebrobasilare, Insufficienza vertebrobasilare
Portuguese Síndrome de artéria vertebrobasilar, Insuficiência vertebrobasilar, Insuficiência Vertebrobasilar
Spanish Síndrome de la arteria vertebrobasilar, Vertebro basilar insufficiency, Vertebrobasilar insufficiency, Vertebro-basilar insufficiency, insuficiencia arterial vertebrobasilar, insuficiencia vertebrobasilar (trastorno), insuficiencia vertebrobasilar, síndrome de arteria vertebrobasilar (trastorno), síndrome de arteria vertebrobasilar, Insuficiencia vertebrobasilar, Insuficiencia Vertebrobasilar
Japanese 椎骨脳底動脈症候群, ツイコツノウテイドウミャクショウコウグン, ツイコツノウテイドウミャクフゼン, 椎骨脳底動脈循環不全症, 椎骨脳底動脈不全症候群, 脳底動脈不全, 椎骨動脈不全症, 脳底動脈不全症, 椎骨脳底動脈血行不全, 椎骨脳底動脈不全, 椎骨動脈不全症候群, 椎骨脳底動脈循環障害, 椎骨-脳底動脈循環不全, 椎骨脳底動脈循環不全
Czech vertebrobazilární insuficience, Syndrom vertebrobazilární tepny, Vertebrobazilární insuficience, insuficience ve vertebrobazilárním povodí, insuficience ve VB povodí
Finnish Nikamavaltimo-kallonpohjavaltimo-oireyhtymä
German Arteria-vertebralis-Syndrom mit Basilaris-Symptomatik, vertebrobasilaere Insuffizienz, Vertebrobasiläre Insuffizienz
Swedish Arteria vertebrobasilaris-insufficiens
Korean 척추-뇌저 동맥 증후군
Polish Niewydolność kręgowo-podstawna, Niewydolność tętnic kręgowo-podstawnych
Hungarian Arteria vertebro-basilaris-syndroma, Vertebrobasilaris elégtelenség

Ontology: Occlusion and stenosis of vertebral artery (C0155724)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
ICD9 433.2
ICD10 I65.0
English Occlusion and stenosis of vertebral artery
Dutch arteria vertebralis occlusie en stenose, Occlusie en stenose van arteria vertebralis
German Verschluss und Stenose der Arteria vertebralis, Verschluss und Stenose der A. vertebralis
Italian Occlusione e stenosi della arteria vertebrale
Portuguese Oclusão e estenose de artéria vertebral
Spanish Oclusión y estenosis de la arteria vertebral
French Occlusion et sténose de l'artère vertébrale
Czech Okluze a stenóza vertebrální tepny
Korean 척추뼈동맥의 폐색 및 협착
Hungarian Arteria vertebralis elzáródás és szűkület

Ontology: Basilar artery occlusion (C0265098)

Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190)
ICD9 433.0
ICD10 I65.1
SnomedCT 155396001, 195180004, 78658006
English Occlusion and stenosis of basilar artery, basilar artery occlusion, basilar artery occlusion (diagnosis), Basilar artery occlusion, occlusion basilar artery, Basilar artery occlusion (disorder), a.basilaris; occlusion, obstruction; basilar artery, occlusion; basilar artery, Basilar artery obstruction, Basilar artery obstruction (disorder)
Italian Occlusione dell'arteria basilare, Occlusione e stenosi della arteria basilare
Dutch arteria basilaris occlusie en stenose, a.basilaris; afsluiting, afsluiting; arteria basilaris, obstructie; arteria basilaris, Occlusie en stenose van arteria basilaris, arteria basilaris occlusie
French Occlusion et sténose de l'artère basilaire, Oblitération du tronc basilaire
German Verschluss und Stenose der Arteria basilaris, Verschluss und Stenose der A. basilaris, Verschluss der Arteria basilaris
Portuguese Oclusão e estenose da artéria basilar, Oclusão da artéria basilar
Spanish Oclusión y estenosis de la arteria basilar, obstrucción de la arteria basilar (trastorno), obstrucción de la arteria basilar, oclusión de la arteria basilar, Basilar artery occlusion, oclusión de arteria basilar (trastorno), oclusión de arteria basilar, Oclusión de arteria basilar, obstrucción de arteria basilar
Japanese 脳底動脈閉塞, ノウテイドウミャクヘイソク
Czech Okluze a stenóza arteria basilaris, Okluze arteria basilaris
Korean 뇌저동맥의 폐색 및 협착
Hungarian Arteria basilaris elzáródás, Arteria basilaris elzáródás és szűkület