II. Epidemiology

  1. Epidemic outbreaks of Acute Diarrheal illness
  2. Most common cause of Viral Gastroenteritis in the world

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Taxonomy
    1. Family: Caliciviridae
    2. Genus: Norovirus
    3. Species: Norwalk Virus
  2. Transmission
    1. Fecal-oral route (Foodborne Illness or Waterborne Illness)
    2. Fomites and surfaces

IV. Symptoms

  1. Systemic symptoms
    1. Low grade fever (variably present)
    2. Lethargy
    3. Weakness
    4. Myalgias
    5. Malaise
  2. Gastrointestinal symptoms
    1. Nausea with Projectile Vomiting
    2. Watery Diarrhea
    3. Abdominal Pain

V. Prevention

  1. Antibody to Norwalk is not protective

VI. Resources

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Ontology: Norwalk virus (C0028422)

Definition (MSH) The type species in the genus NOROVIRUS, first isolated in 1968 from the stools of school children in Norwalk, Ohio, who were suffering from GASTROENTERITIS. The virions are non-enveloped spherical particles containing a single protein. Multiple strains are named after the places where outbreaks have occurred.
Definition (CSP) type species in the genus Norovirus; the virions are non-enveloped spherical particles containing a single protein; multiple strains are named after the places where outbreaks have occurred.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D009663
SnomedCT 10514003
English Norwalk Agent, Norwalk virus, norwalk agent, virus norwalk, norwalk virus, Norwalk calicivirus, Norwalk virus NV, Norwalk gastroenteritis virus of humans, Norwalk virus (organism), Norwalk agent
Swedish Norwalkvirus
Czech virus Norwalk
Finnish Norwalk-virus
Italian Agente di Norwalk, Virus di Norwalk
Polish Wirus Norwalk
Japanese Norwalkウイルス, ノーウォークウイルス, ノルウォークウイルス, ノーウォーク因子
Spanish virus Norwalk (organismo), virus Norwalk de la gastroenteritis humana, virus Norwalk, Virus Norwalk
French Agent de Norwalk, Virus Norwalk
German Norwalk-Virus
Dutch Norwalk-gastro-enteritisvirus, Norwalk-virus, Virus, Norwalk-
Portuguese Vírus Norwalk

Ontology: Norovirus (C0949920)

Definition (MSH) A genus in the family CALICIVIRIDAE, associated with epidemic GASTROENTERITIS in humans. The type species, NORWALK VIRUS, contains multiple strains.
Concepts Virus (T005)
MSH D029322
SnomedCT 407359000, 243629004
English Norwalk-like virus, norovirus, norwalk-like viruses, stomach virus, virus stomach, norwalk-like virus, small round structured virus, noroviruses, Norwalk like Viruses, Norwalk-like Viruses, Noroviruses, Norovirus, Norwalk-like viruses, Genus Norovirus (organism), Stomach virus, Genus Norovirus
Dutch buikvirus, Virus, Norwalk-like, Norovirus
French Virus intestinal, SRSV, VNL, Norovirus, Petits virus ronds, Virus apparentés Norwalk, Virus Norwalk-like
German Magenvirus, Norwalk-artige Viren
Italian Virus gastrico, Virus simil-Norwalk, Norovirus
Portuguese Vírus gástrico, Norovirus, Vírus Norwalk-Like, Vírus Semelhantes ao Norwalk, Vírus Semelhantes ao Vírus Norwalk
Spanish Virus gástrico, virus tipo Norwalk, género Norovirus (organismo), género Norovirus, Virus Similares a Norwalk, Virus de Estructura Redonda Pequena, Norovirus, Virus de Estructura Redonda Pequeña
Japanese 胃内ウイルス, イナイウイルス, ノーウォーク様ウイルス, 小円筒状ウイルス, ノロウイルス属, ノロウイルス, 小型球形ウイルス
Swedish Norovirus
Czech Norovirus, viry podobné viru Norwalk, Žaludeční virová infekce
Finnish Norovirus
Polish Norovirus
Hungarian Gyomor vírusos betegsége