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Mild Head Injury Discharge Instructions

Aka: Mild Head Injury Discharge Instructions, Head Injury Precautions
  1. See Also
    1. Head Injury
    2. Management of Mild Head Injury
  2. Instructions
    1. One week follow-up clinic
    2. Avoid Alcohol and sedating medications for 3 days
    3. Remain with a reliable companion for 24 hours
    4. Return or call immediately for
      1. Difficult to awaken
        1. Awaken every 2-4 hours from sleep
      2. Excessive Sleepiness
      3. Convulsions or Seizures
      4. Bleeding or watery discharge from ear or nose
      5. Severe Headache
      6. Weakness or loss of feeling in arm or leg
      7. Confusion or strange behavior
      8. Eye changes
        1. One pupil larger than the other
        2. Peculiar eye movements
        3. Double Vision
      9. Slow pulse (<50/minute) or rapid pulse (>110/minute)
      10. Unusual breathing pattern
      11. Urinary Incontinence or bowel Incontinence
  3. References
    1. Lawler (1996) J Head Trauma Rehabil 11:18-28

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