I. See Also

II. Causes

III. Signs

  1. Ear findings
    1. Otorrhea
    2. Hemotympanum
  2. Battle's Sign
    1. Mastoid echymosis
  3. Racoon Eye's
    1. Periorbital Ecchymosis


IV. Imaging

  1. CT Head (skull films may show some of these findings)
    1. Intracranial air
    2. Sphenoid Sinus or Frontal Sinus air fluid level
    3. Cribiform PlateFracture

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Ontology: Skull Fracture, Basilar (C0748830)

Definition (MSH) Fractures which extend through the base of the SKULL, usually involving the PETROUS BONE. Battle's sign (characterized by skin discoloration due to extravasation of blood into the subcutaneous tissue behind the ear and over the mastoid process), CRANIAL NEUROPATHIES, TRAUMATIC; CAROTID-CAVERNOUS SINUS FISTULA; and CEREBROSPINAL FLUID OTORRHEA are relatively frequent sequelae of this condition. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p876)
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D020205
ICD9 801
ICD10 S02.1
SnomedCT 157173005, 207752008, 24063002, 207715008
English Fracture of base of skull, NOS, Fracture of base of skull NOS, Skull base fracture (disorder), fracture of base of skull (diagnosis), basilar skull fracture, fracture of base of skull, Skull fractured base, SKULL FRACTURE BASILAR, Basilar Skull Fracture, Basilar Skull Fractures, Fracture, Basilar Skull, Fractures, Basilar Skull, Skull Fracture, Basilar, Skull Fractures, Basilar, Fracture of base of skull NOS (disorder), Skull Fracture, Basilar [Disease/Finding], base of skull fracture, Fracture;skull (base), skull base fracture, fracture base of skull, fracture of skull base, base fractures skull, basilar skull fractures, Fracture of base of skull, Skull base fracture, Fracture of base of skull (disorder), base of skull; fracture, fracture; base of skull, fracture; skull, base, skull; fracture, base, fractured base of skull, Fracture;base of skull
Italian Frattura della base cranica, Frattura della base del cranio
Dutch schedelbasisfractuur, fractuur; schedel, basis, fractuur; schedelbasis, schedel; fractuur, basis, schedelbasis; fractuur, schedelbasisbreuk, Fractuur, schedelbasis-, Schedelbasisfractuur
German Fraktur der Schaedelbasis, Schaedelbasisfraktur, Basiläre Schädelfrakturen, Schädelfrakturen, basiläre
Portuguese Fractura fechada da base do crânio, Fratura da Base do Crânio, Fratura Basilar do Crânio, Fratura Craniana Basilar, Crânio fracturado na base
Spanish Fractura Basilar del Cráneo, Fractura Basilar del Craneo, Fractura de la Base del Cráneo, Fractura de la Base del Craneo, Skull base fracture, fractura de la base de cráneo, SAI (trastorno), fractura de la base de cráneo, SAI, fractura de la base del cráneo (trastorno), fractura de la base del cráneo, Fractura de la base del cráneo, Fractura Craneal Basilar
Japanese 頭蓋底の骨折, トウガイテイコッセツ, ズガイテイノコッセツ, ズガイテイコッセツ, バトル徴候, バットル徴候, 頭蓋底骨折, Battle徴候
Swedish Skallbasfraktur
Czech lebka - fraktury baze lební, Zlomenina baze lebeční, Zlomenina baze lební
Finnish Basilaarinen kallonmurtuma
Korean 머리뼈바닥의 골절
Polish Złamanie podstawy czaszki
Hungarian Koponyaalapi törés
French Fracture de la base du crâne, Fractures de la base du crâne