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Animal Bite


  1. See Also
    1. Dog Bite Infection
  2. Indications
    1. Dog Bite
    2. Cat Bite
  3. Management: General
    1. Inject 1% Lidocaine through intact skin
    2. Copious wound irrigation with normal saline
      1. Set up 500 ml saline bag with 20 gauge angiocatheter
      2. Place bag into BP cuff and pump up to 300 mmHg
      3. Irrigate wound with 500 cc of normal saline
    3. Wound closure
      1. Indications for closure by Secondary Intention
        1. Puncture Wounds
        2. Infected wounds
        3. Wounds older than 24 hours
      2. Indications for Sutured closure
        1. Wound less than 8 hours old
        2. Wounds located on face
    4. Wounds near joint or bone
      1. Obtain baseline XRay of puncture
      2. Obtain Orthopedic Consultation
    5. Immunization
      1. Tetanus Vaccine
      2. Rabies Prophylaxis
        1. Indicated if dog with Unknown vaccination status
          1. Animal cannot be quarantined for 10 days
          2. Unprovoked attack
        2. Immediate wound management (see Rabies Prophylaxis)
        3. Administer vaccine within 48 hours
    6. Antibiotic
      1. See Dog Bite Infection

animal bite (C0003044)

ConceptsOrganism Attribute (T032)
ICD9E906.5, E906.5
Englishanimal bite, Animal bites, Bite by unspecified animal, Bite of animal
Spanishmordedura de animal, mordedura de un animal
Parent ConceptsOther injury caused by animals (C0417758), animal bite (C0003044), bite injury (C0005658), Accidental physical contact with animal (C1640733), Duplicate concept (C1274013)
Derived from the NIH UMLS (Unified Medical Language System)

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