Otolaryngology Book


Nasal Anatomy

Aka: Nasal Anatomy, Olfactory Bulb, Cribiform Plate, Kiesselbach's Area, Kiesselbach's Plexus, Little's Area
  1. Anatomy: Support
    1. Bony Support
      1. Lateral: Maxilla
      2. Superior: Frontal Bone nasal process
      3. Central: Paired nasal bones
    2. Cartilage
      1. Cartilage extends from inferior edge of nasal bones
      2. Cartilage provides most of nasal pliable form
  2. Anatomy: Vascular Supply
    1. Ethmoid Artery (branch of ophthalmic artery)
      1. Supplies anterior and superior nose
      2. Supplies Kiesselbach's Area or plexus (Little's Area)
        1. Supplies anterior septum
        2. Most common site for Epistaxis
    2. Sphenopalatine Artery (branch of Maxillary artery)
      1. Supplies posterior nose
  3. Anatomy: Nerve Supply
    1. Sensation: Branches of Cranial Nerve V (CN 5)
      1. Ethmoidal Nerve (V1): Anterior superior nose
      2. Infraorbital Nerve (V2): Anterior inferior septum
      3. Pterygopalatine Ganglion (V2): posterior nose
    2. Smell: Olfactory Nerves (Cranial Nerve 1)
      1. CN I forms Olfactory Bulb over Cribiform Plate
      2. Olfactory Bulb branches into many Olfactory Nerves
      3. Innervates olfactory mucosa in superior nose

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