II. Types

  1. Ostium Primum
    1. Congenital opening in septum near AV valves
    2. Associated with cleft mitral valve leaflet
  2. Ostium Secundum
    1. Congenital defect at the fossa ovalis
  3. Sinus Venosus
    1. Defect posterior to fossa ovalis
    2. Associated with partial anomalous pulmonary return

III. Symptoms and Signs (See specific defect)

  1. Right Ventricular heave
  2. S2 Heart Sound with fixed wide split
  3. Systolic ejection murmur
    1. Grade II of VI
    2. Heard best at left upper sternal border
  4. Mid-Diastolic Murmur
    1. Flow rumble in the tricuspid valve region

IV. Diagnostics

V. Course

  1. Spontaneous closure less common than VSD

VI. Management: Surgery Indications

  1. Large left to right shunt
  2. Congestive Heart Failure
  3. Pulmonary congestion

VII. References

  1. Saenz (1999) Am Fam Physician 59(7):1857-66
  2. Cyran (1998) PREP review lecture, October, Phoenix
  3. Merenstein (1994) Pediatrics, Lange

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Ontology: Atrial Septal Defects (C0018817)

Definition (NCI) A congenital disorder characterized by the presence of a defect (opening) in the septum that separates the two atria of the heart. The atrial septal opening that is present in the fetus and normally closes within weeks or months after birth.
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (CHV) defect in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart
Definition (MSH) Developmental abnormalities in any portion of the ATRIAL SEPTUM resulting in abnormal communications between the two upper chambers of the heart. Classification of atrial septal defects is based on location of the communication and types of incomplete fusion of atrial septa with the ENDOCARDIAL CUSHIONS in the fetal heart. They include ostium primum, ostium secundum, sinus venosus, and coronary sinus defects.
Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019)
MSH D006344
ICD10 Q21.1
SnomedCT 156915002, 253368008, 268178001, 70142008, 253366007, 405752007, 69524004, 204316004
English Heart Septal Defects, Atrial, ASD, ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT, DEFECT ARTRIAL SEPTUM, Defect, Atrial Septal, Defects, Atrial Septal, HEART SEPTAL DEFECT ATRIAL, IA SEPTAL DEFECT, SEPTAL DEFECT INTERATRIAL, Septal Defect, Atrial, Septal Defects, Atrial, Atrial septal defect NOS, Auricular septal defect NOS, Atrial Septal Defects, Atrial septal defects, Atrial Septal Defect, Atrial septal defect (ASD), Atria septal defect (ASD), atrial septal defect (diagnosis), atrial septal defect, ASD (atrial septal defect), asd, Auricular septal defect NOS (disorder), Atrial septal defect NOS (disorder), Heart Septal Defects, Atrial [Disease/Finding], Defect;atrial septal, atrial septal defect (ASD), interatrial septal defect, atrial septal heart defect, atrial septal defects, atrial septal heart defects, atrioseptal defect, Atrial septal defect, Interatrial septal defect, ASD - Atrial septal defect, Interauricular septal defect, Interauricular septal defect (disorder), Atrial septal defect (disorder), Congenital atrial septal defect, Congenital atrial septal defect (disorder), auricular septal; defect, closure; incomplete, septum, interauricular, defect; atrial septal, defect; auricular septal, defect; interatrial septal, defect; interauricular septal, heart; anomaly, septum, auricular, incomplete; closure, septum, interauricular, interatrial septal; defect, interauricular septal; defect, anomaly; heart, septum, auricular, Defect artrial septum, Heart septal defect atrial, IA septal defect, Septal defect interatrial
French COMMUNICATION INTERAURICULAIRE, Malformation de la communication interauriculaire, Communication inter-auriculaire (CIA), Anomalie congénitale du septum auriculaire, Communication interauriculaire SAI, Communication interauriculaire, Communications interatriales, ANOMALIE DU SEPTUM AURICULAIRE, CIA, Anomalies du septum interauriculaire, CIA (Communication InterAuriculaire), Communications inter-auriculaires, Communications interauriculaires
Dutch atrium-septumdefect, interatrium-septumdefect, atrium-septumdefect NAO, IA septumdefect, atrium-septumdefect, congenitaal, opening in het atriumtussenschot, ASD, atrium-hartseptumdefect, anomalie; hart, septum, auriculair, auriculair septum; defect, defect; atriumseptum, defect; auriculair septum, defect; interatriaal septum, defect; interauriculair septum, hart; anomalie, septum, auriculair, interatriaal septum; defect, interauriculair septum; defect, onvolledig; sluiting, septum, interauriculair, sluiting; onvolledig, septum, interauriculair, Atriumseptumdefect, Atriumseptumdefecten, Defect, atriumseptum-, Defecten, atriumseptum-, Foramen ovale, open, Hartseptumdefect, atriaal, Septumdefect, atrium-, Septumdefecten, atrium-
Italian Difetto del setto interatriale, Difetto settale interatriale, Difetto del setto interatriale NAS, Difetto del setto interatriale cardiaco, Difetto congenito del setto interatriale, Difetto del setto atriale, Difetti del setto atriale, Difetti del setto cardiaco atriale
Portuguese Defeito do septo interauricular, Defeito do septo interauricular NE, Defeito congénito do septo interauricular, Malformações do Septo Interatrial, Defeitos do Septo Interauricular, Malformação do Septo Interatrial, Malformações do Septo Interauricular, Defeitos do Septo Auricular, Malformação do Septo Interauricular, ASD, COMUNICACAO INTER-AURICULAR, DEFEITO DO SEPTO CARDIACO AURICUL, DEFEITO DO SEPTO INTER-AURICULAR, SEPTO INTER AURICULAR DEFEITUOSO, Defeitos do Septo Interatrial, Comunicação Interatrial, Defeitos do Septo Atrial
Spanish Defecto de la pared auricular, Defecto congénito del tabique auricular, Defecto del tabique auricular del corazón, Comunicación interauricular, Defecto del tabique auricular NEOM, Defecto del tabique auricular, Defecto del tabique interauricular, Atrial septal defect, Auricular septal defect NOS, Atrial septal defect NOS, Defectos del Septo Interatrial, Defectos del Septum Interauricular, Malformación del Tabique Interauricular, Defectos del Septo Interauricular, Malformaciones del Tabique Interatrial, Malformaciones del Tabique Interauricular, Malformación del Tabique Interatrial, Defectos del Tabique Atrial, Defectos del Tabique Auricular, Defectos del Tabique Interatrial, Malformacion del Tabique Interauricular, Defectos del Septum Interatrial, Malformacion del Tabique Interatrial, SEPTO ATRIAL, DEFECTO, SEPTO AURICULAR, DEFECTO, SEPTO IA, DEFECTO, SEPTO INTERAURICULAR, DEFECTO, Persistencia del Ostium Primum, CIA, comunicación interauricular (trastorno), comunicación interauricular, defecto del tabique atrial, SAI (trastorno), defecto del tabique atrial, SAI, defecto del tabique auricular, SAI (trastorno), defecto del tabique auricular, SAI, defecto del tabique auricular, defecto del tabique interauricular (trastorno), defecto del tabique interauricular, defecto septal interauricular, defecto congénito del tabique auricular (trastorno), defecto congénito del tabique auricular, Defectos del Tabique Interauricular
German ASP, Vorhofseptumdefekt NNB, IA Septumdefekt, Herzseptumdefekt Vorhof, kongenitaler Vorhofseptumdefekt, Defekt Vorhofseptum, Septumdefekt interatrial, ASD, ATRIUMSEPTUMDEFEKT, SEPTUMDEFEKT INTERATRIAL, VORHOFSCHEIDEWANDDEFEKT, VORHOFSEPTUMDEFEKT, Herzseptumdefekte, Vorhof-, Vorhofseptumdefekte, Atriale Septumdefekte, Septumdefekte, Vorhof-, Vorhofseptumdefekt
Japanese 心房中隔欠損症NOS, 先天性心房中隔欠損症, シンボウチュウカクケッソンショウ, センテンセイシンボウチュウカクケッソンショウ, シンボウチュウカクケッソンショウNOS, 心房中隔欠損, 心房中隔欠損症, 中隔欠損-心房
Swedish Förmaksseptumdefekter
Finnish Eteisväliseinän aukot
Czech Defekt síňového septa, Vrozený defekt síňového septa, Defekt septa síní, Defekt síňového septa NOS, DSS, Defekt síňového septa typu ostium secundum, Defet síňového srdečního septa, srdce - defekty síňového septa, defekty septa síní, defekty síňového septa
Korean 심방 중격 결손증
Polish Ubytek przegrody międzyprzedsionkowej
Hungarian Pitvari septum-defectus, Szívpitvari septum defectus, Septalis I/A defectus, Atrialis septalis defectus k.m.n., Atrium septum-defectusAASD, Septalis interatrialis defectus, Pitvari septum defectus, Veleszületett pitvari septumdefectus